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AuctionShadow Searches eBay Better

These are some of the AuctionShadow features. They can operate automatically to harvest results ready when you login. Or, these features can work on a one-and-done basis whenever you request it. You will receive emails or cellular alerts when your searches get results.

Keyword Search

AuctionShadow's Keyword search gives you options and settings you won't find on any other continuous eBay search function. EXAMPLE: You want to find an xBox 360 for less than $400 in an auction that has less than 1 hour to go. On the Keyword Search page, fill in your keyword (xBox 360), enter your maximum price (400.00), and choose the ending time (less than 60 minutes), then click SUBMIT. Sort your results by price or time remaining. You can refine your search if you need to by going back to the Keyword Search page, or add typo and accessory filters right from the results page, then click the refresh icon. Save any listing(s) to compare with others you have saved previously. Once you get the search results you want, save the search parameters for continuous automatic searching.

Security Analysis

AuctionShadow's Security Analysis is your first line of defense against a bad eBay experience. The Security Analysis uses proprietary software to gather, analyze and deliver the vital information you need to protect yourself from questionable sellers. This EXCLUSIVE analysis creates the reports, then you decide.

See the seller's feedback history, and know if the seller's positive feedback comes from multiple buyers, not just his 'associates'. See if the seller's feedback is trending toward negative, and know if the seller changes his listings frequently. There are many other criteria the Security Analysis uses to alert you of a potential problem.

Typo/Misspelling Search

Find bargains on eBay that no one else can find because they have misspellings or typos in the listing.

Try it yourself right now. Search using the keyword Abercrombie or Hilfiger, engage the Typos filter on the keyword search, and see the number of misspelled auction titles that come up. Many auctions will have few or no bids because they can't be found with eBay's search. This is great for finding things to resell on eBay!

Accessory Filter

Eliminate the "other stuff" that comes up on keyword searches.

Let's say you are shopping for an iPod. If you use eBay's on-site search engine, you will get thousands of results. Some of those results may even be iPods. When you search using AuctionShadow keyword search, you can filter out all the peripherals, accessories and optional equipment to only get iPods. It makes your shopping so much more efficient.

Search Groups

AuctionShadow allows you to organize your searches, and the results you get. EXAMPLE: You shop eBay for Chevys and Fords. You can create search groups for both, or as many groups of searches as you want: Ford Mustang, Ford Mustang parts, Ford Mustang engine parts, etc. Your search results will be grouped according to your search groups, or sorted by the data on the auction listings. This makes it easy to review, save and delete the auction listings you get.

Search Templates

Try new searches by tweaking the ones you already have working by saving them as templates and making changes. EXAMPLE: You have a keyword search on eBay US that you now want to try on eBay UK. Just save the existing search as a template, then make the change on the search parameters and run it or save as usual. By testing, changing and saving, you can fine tune your searches.
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