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ShadowTool Makes Shadowing Easy


What does ShadowTool Do?

ShadowTool simplifies your eBay searches and makes buying safer and easier!
  • Get a list of other auctions for a seller
  • Get a Security Analysis to protect yourself from a suspicious seller.
  • Save the auction to the My Auctions page for watching or bidding.
  • Use ShadowTool as you review your AuctionShadow search results, or as you browse eBay.

Security Analysis

OK, so how do I set it up?

Just click and drag the ShadowTool link below to your toolbar, or RIGHT CLICK and add it to your favorites, then drag it to your toolbar:


ShadowTool is automatically displayed as you click on your AuctionShadow search results. You may also add ShadowTool to your browser's toolbar from that popup by clicking the 'Add ShadowTool' link.

If you have a popup-blocking utility on your computer, be sure you allow "auctionshadow.com" to open pop-ups.
(See the Troubleshooting Guide for more info)

Once ShadowTool is on your toolbar, click it any time you are browsing eBay.
Open a no-cost account!
Search, save, and bid from your personal account. Manage your auction shopping and bidding, no charge, ever!!

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