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How to use AuctionShadow

Two things set AuctionShadow apart from other eBay applications, The Advanced Keyword Search and the Security Analysis. Both are designed to give you a more pleasant, more secure, eBay experience. This section has information on how to create an arsenal of searches you can use to easily find the items you want on eBay, and get the critical information you need to make a secure transaction. You may search eBay from AuctionShadow's home page, but the real potential of AuctionShadow is realized when you JOIN. "Joining" just creates an account that stores your searches and displays your results, and it is absolutely free to join and use AuctionShadow.

Joining AuctionShadow

Join by clicking the JOIN link on the home page or the tab on the site header. That will take you to a page where you may enter a username, password and your email address. This login does not have to match your eBay login, or any other. It is how you will log into AuctionShadow, so you may want to have your browser remember it for you. See Troubleshooting if you have problems logging in. You will be asked to verify the email address you give us when you login. This assures the auction alerts will reach you. Just follow the instructions in the yellow banner that appears if your address is not verified. The banner disappears if your address is verified. See Troubleshooting if you have problems getting our verification email. Again, joining and using AuctionShadow is totally free.

Logging in

Login using the User Name and Password fields in the upper right corner of the site, and click the GO button. If you need to change your login, email address, or if you have forgotten your login, there are links just below the login fields to help you. The Secure Login is there as an optional login choice.

AuctionShadow Login


Advanced Search features and options are available to you once you have joined, and you must be logged in to save searches or results. There is a general description at the top of the page.

Advanced Search

Keyword Search has features you will not find on eBay's advanced search. Enter the keywords to include and exclude, and the other parameters of your search. You may do a search immediately to see what results you get, then save the search from the results page, or you may save the search directly to your My Searches page. You may also save your search as a template for other searches. For example, if you wanted to search for an item on eBay US, and the same item on eBay UK, save a template of one and adapt it quickly for the other. If you wanted to search for Tommy Hilfiger clothes on one search, save it as a template, and find auctions where his name has been misspelled, just call up the template and add the filter. The Typo filter returns only auctions where the keyword is misspelled. The Accessory Filter helps to block secondary and tertiary results from the primary list. You can create multiple searches quickly by using the templates option. You must have an account and be logged in to save searches or templates.

Saving your Searches

My Searches is where the rubber meets the road. You must be logged in to see the My Searches page. Access it with the tab at the top of the page. There are two vertical columns on the page, one for your searches, and one for your results. If you do not see two columns, there is an EXPAND/COLLAPSE tab in the upper left corner of the page.

My Searches

Click that to see both columns. Once you have set up your searches, you may just want to display the results column.

The searches side of your My Searches page will display your Keyword Searches you have saved from either the Advanced Search page or ShadowTool. From this interface, you may click individual searches to get results. The Options column will display the parameters of your search in brief. Terms in green are being included, terms in red are excluded. The Results column shows how many auctions the search has found. And the final column has a link to edit, and pause or activate the search. Paused searches will be highlighted in pink.

There are two other fields below the search listings, My Search Groups, and My Settings. My Settings is pretty straight forward. Make your selections and save them. My Search Groups lets you organize your searches. Assign your searches to specific groups by first creating the group name on the 'Add Group' field. Then, select which searches go into the group by using the check boxes on the left of the searches, then choose the group name you want the searches to be moved to from the dropdown list. Search results are sorted according to these groups on Recent Finds side of the My Searches page.

The Recent Finds side of My Searches displays the auctions you searches find. The two dropdown boxes at the top of the list allow you to sort your results by when they were found and by the search group that found them. The Show Results box defaults to listings found today. Those listings will only be displayed one day unless you change the Show Results setting or save them to your My Auctions. You may refresh your results by clicking the little green 'arrows in a circle' icon in the upper right corner of the list. Sort your list by the data in any of the columns by clicking the column header, like Title, Current Bid, Time Left, etc. The check box on the left side of the listing is for deleting listings you do not want to save or display. The SAVE link on the right side of the listing saves the listing to your My Auctions page.

My Auctions is where your saved auctions go. Put the auctions you are interested in here. When you click the SAVE link, you will be taken to the Saved Auction page. This page will have information on the auction, and field to enter your notes on the auction, a field to enter a bid threshold that will trigger an email alert to the email address we have for your account, and a dropdown to select a time when you want to be notified that the auction is ending.

The My Auctions page will display all your auctions with the notes you have entered, the 'notify' options you have chosen, and all of the other relevant information about the auction. Manage the auctions you keep with check boxes and the CLEAR button.

ShadowTool is the other way to save auctions to your Saved Auction page. There are two ways to use ShadowTool, from auction listing on the Recent Finds list of your My Searches page, or directly from an eBay auction page. ShadowTool appears as a popup whenever you click on the auction.


On the ShadowTool you will see the auctions title, the number of hits the auction has gotten even if this number is not displayed on the auction page, and the seller's ID. By clicking the tabs or text links you can get the Security Analysis and see other auctions from the seller.

To use ShadowTool directly from an eBay auction page, go to the ShadowTool page. Just drag the link to your browser's toolbar. You may need to open your browser's toolbar if it is not open already. Consult the help files on your browser if you need help. Once the icon is on your toolbar, whenever you click on a search result on your My Searches page or on an eBay auction page, the ShadowTool will popup. If it doesn't pop up, go to Troubleshooting.

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