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Join Problems:

Usually when a user has problems joining, they are trying to rejoin or use a login that is already in the database. If you have already joined, just log into your account. The easiest way to solve a join problem is to choose another login. The login you choose does not have to match any other login you use.

Login Problems:

If you have forgotten your login, you may use the FORGOT LOGIN link in the top right corner of the site. This feature will send your login to the email address we have on file for the account. Be sure your email address is verified. You may change your login at any time using the link in the upper right corner of the site

Email Problems:

If you are not receiving any emails from us, your computer system may be blocking them. If you have a spam blocker enabled on your computer, be sure it allows messages from AuctionShadow.com through. You will have to look in your computer's internet or security settings to make this adjustment.

We may not have your current email address. You can check it on the CHANGE EMAIL form that is available by clicking the link in the upper right corner of the site. You can change it there too. Changing your email address requires you to log into your account.

Email verification assures you that our emails will get through and that we have your current email address. Take the time to do this. Just follow the instruction on the yellow verification banner. If the banner is not at the top of the page after you have logged in, you are already verified. If you have a problem verifying your email address, it is usually because a spam blocker is stopping it, or we have the wrong address for you. Refer to the two paragraphs above in this section.

ShadowTool is not appearing:

ShadowTool is a popup, and different browsers will treat it differently. If it does not appear, you will have to make some simple adjustments to your browsers Internet preferences or settings. Look in your browsers menus for terms like 'allow popups', 'enable popups', etc. You may not want to allow popups from all sites, so you should be able to specify which sites you will allow them. Enter AuctionShadow.com in the appropriate field to allow ShadowTool to pop up.

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Firefox Options - Content / Popup Windows
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